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Echo Nesting

January 12, 2010

Echo Nest HQ

The Echo Nest World Headquarters

I’m settling in at The Echo Nest, getting my machine set up, poking at this and that, figuring out what runs what and where. You know, stuff.

My duties at The Echo Nest will mostly involve keeping an eye on The Musical Brain, which I guess makes me a Musical Neurologist? Hmmm. I’ll have to ask the boss if I can put that on my business cards.

Going from a company with tens of thousands of employees to one a couple of orders of magnitude smaller is turning out to be pretty interesting. There’s definitely some culture shock, but that’s more than made up for by sitting in with a bunch of very smart people who are very passionate about what they’re doing.

I hope to post more about my time at the Echonest. For the day-to-day you can keep up with me on Twitter.