Hello (again) world!

Welcome to my new blog.  The old one won’t let me post any more for some reason. You can expect the same sort of content here as you got on the old blog, but hopefully with a bit higher frequency (bet that’s the first time in the blogosphere that anyone ever promised to post more frequently!)


3 Responses to “Hello (again) world!”

  1. Rick Preston Says:

    I guess that emailing you @sun.com to find out where your new job is would be pointless.

    So, where is your new job?

  2. Rick Preston Says:

    Commuting != fun. My Vancouver commute was 70+ minutes each way and a big contributor to my move. Your commute might be manageable if you get one of those fancy blue velour Echo Nest suits. But what would really nail that look would be an early 80’s tape walkman in a matching blue over-the-shoulder case.

    Enjoy the new job and drop me a line sometime.


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